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The Catch: writings from Downeast Maine, Edited by Catherine Schmitt.
Volume 6, Issue 1. July 3, 2018

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excerpt from “Rosie Wallace is a Seal” by Robin Orm Hansen in The Catch: writings from Downeast Maine
“Aunt Rosie?” Josy was astonished. Rosie was his Uncle Elmon Wallace’s wife and wasn't from Ice Harbor. She was from way up north but she talked close to right, like Ice Harbor people. Uncle Elmon always said he picked her off a rock near Newfoundland. Josy had always imagined her standing there in her dress and apron, kind of like she might be when he was coming in from fishing, and waving to Elmon, maybe calling to lure him in. But now Sam said she was a seal. So she had probably been naked, since where would a seal get clothes? Probably not from Walmart.

“Yup. Uncle Elmon stole her sealskin, so she couldn't go back to being a seal, and he loved her and brought her home. They got married in Canada, on account of her being a seal, she couldn't get married in the church in Ice Harbor. Because seals ain't Christian. That’s why his parents hate her.”

Words on Wednesday Night, Edited by Janis Boster. 
ISBN: 978-0-98248-0-7 © 2009 by Reck House Press
Selections by Milena Banks, Janis Bolster, Jeanette K. Cakouros, Johanna Fox, Rosemary Gerard, Deborah Gould, Judy Mahoney, Lisa Schinhofen, Robin Lynn Scott (Robin Hansen), June Vail, Amy E. Waterman, Bonnie Wheeler.

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excerpt from “Please Sell Ezekiel” by Robin Lynn Scott in Words on Wednesday Night
Dear Daddy and Mommy, Please sell Ezekiel. Ezekiel is too big and strong for me. I know I said I wanted a horse, but what I really meant was I wanted a little pony, maybe a Welsh pony with a bushy mane …. I’m sorry you spent so much money on Ezekiel, because he is too big for — Your loving little daughter, Janeth

excerpt from “Mosquito Wanted to Sing
Mosquito had the Directions in her heart when she climbed from her pupa. Awake, Mosquito woman. Fly. Find a father for your eggs. You, warrior woman, have powerful weapons … and a song to give you courage.
Mosquito loves to sing with her sisters and brothers over the pond she was hatched in, but then comes the moment when she must be courageous, scream her war song and attack a giant to get food for her eggs.


Scribings Volume 5: Inversions, Edited by Jamie Alan Belanger

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Life is full of surprises. Sometimes changes upend everything we thought we knew, inverting our perceptions of the people and world around us. Part of the joy and terror of living lies in experiencing these inversions. Scribings, Vol 5: Inversions presents eight stories from the Greater Portland Scribists, each with its own hidden twists and surprises. A former rock star who can no longer sing. Escaped convicts with much to atone for. A strange boy with an affinity for plants. Gods watch mortals make a seemingly simple choice. Tiny shoe prints lead to a birthday adventure. A hostage tries to salvage a botched bank robbery. A soldier flees war only to find it follows. And a quest for a missing corporate department that may actually be hiding.


Essential GPS, Edited by Jamie Alan Belanger

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The Greater Portland Scribists was formed in July 2010 and published their first anthology the following June. Since then, they have published an anthology every summer. After the publication of their fifth volume in 2015, they decided to look back and select the best stories for a special edition. With the help of fans in autumn 2015, they chose one story each from current and previous members. … A great sampler!

excerpt from “Better Alive than Dead.”
“My language tutor found me a driver/guide with a lorry to transport me and my baggage as far as the mission at the falls downstream of the southernmost village of Kalumbekë. The only road there from the capital quickly becomes an unpaved track so thickly overgrown that at times we had to stop and cut back encroaching brush before we could proceed. Branches constantly scraped the sides of the lorry and whipped through the windows. From the mission, there are only footpaths to the three villages.
“Prof. Kang had … suggested studying the village of Ngoro-ngoro, which is less influenced by the American mission than Kalumbekë, thus more ‘pure.’ Nothing turned out to be pure. …”


The Best of Yankee Magazine: 50 Years of New England, edited by Judson Hale.

ISBN-10: 0899090796  ISBN-13: 978-0899090795. Yankee Books, Peterborough NH, 1985. 320 pp.

People, photographs, places, stories, activities, Jokes, fiction, history, paintings, recipes, and memories (1935–1985), selected by 71 longtime Yankee Magazine readers and edited by Judson D. Hale, Sr.  

“New England Boiled Mittens,” a feature first published in the Brunswick Times Record, by Robin Hansen, was republished in Yankee Magazine in 1982, supplemented with Steve Muskie’s color photos, and was later selected as one of 29 top articles in The Best of Yankee Magazine: 50 Years

Full of great reads. Available from Amazon.

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