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Knit Mittens!

by Robin Orm Hansen

Knit Mittens: 15 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm
ISBN 1-58017-483-3 Storey Publishing, North Adams, Massachusetts
© 2002 Robin Orm Hansen
Best of the best. Although short on folklore about each mitten, Storey’s presentation of directions was groundbreaking — with tables presenting step by step directions much in the manner of the old Brunswick Yarn patterns, and sizes and patterns distinguished by colorways. The step-by-step aspect means that knitters can’t lost their place in the pattern and that if something seems wrong, it’s easy to spot at which point it went wrong. The downside of the presentation is that it’s awkward to present more than three or four (max) sizes at a time. The colorways used in each table distinguished one mitten from the next (The tables are the same colors as the photographed mitten sample.) and one size from the other. The drawings accompanying the terms and techniques are clear and easy to follow. 
Out of print but generally available on-line. 

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