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Mittens by Name

With references to the books that show you how to knit them.

Big Waves big mittens with big waves from Labrador.  — Favorite Mittens, p. 174. Also, Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 91.
Fishermen's Wet Mittens. They’re knitted big, then shrunk to size in hot and cold water — and worn wet. — Favorite Mittens, p. 28. Fox & Geese & Fences, p 12.
Candlelit Windows (It’s candlelit windows) mittens, a favorite, fun mitten to knit with roots from Estonia to New Brunswick —Ultimate Mittens, p. 68. Also  Candlelit Windows Fingermitts, Ultimate Mittens, p. 74.
Chipman's Check mittens and fingermitts, a trick of the eye makes this simple pattern a diagonal check — Favorite Mittens, p. 142.  Knit Mittens, Chipman's BlockFlying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 70.
Compass Mittens or, Mattie Owl’s Patch mittens. In one Nova Scotia village the pattern was found on a patch on Mattie Owl’s mitten and carried on for generations. — Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 62.Also,Compass Mittens for Small Mariners — Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 114.
Eyunstovu Slants fingermitts, a Faroe Island sweater pattern that translates oh-so-well to a Newfoundland style fingermitt. Ultimate Mittens, p. 96
Fisherman's Rib mittens, a Scottish rib stitch translated to squashy, warm mittens. Knit Mittens, p. 100.
Fleur-de-Lis mittens. Look closely at the little diamonds here and you’ll see small fleurs-de-lis to reflect your French heritage. — Knit Mittens, p. 40. Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 73. Petits Mitaine en Fleur-de-lis — Favorite Mittens, p. 200.
Flying Geese gloves, a gorgeous, finely knit pattern collected by Janetta Dexter in Nova Scotia. The motif comes from weaving and patchwork. — Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 52. Also, Flying Geese Mittens and GlovesFavorite Mittens, p. 120.
Fox & Geese Mittens, shooting gloves, and cap. Fox & Geese & Fences. p. 32. Also, Fox & Geese Mittens, Favorite Mittens, p. 77. Also Baby Foxes & Goslings, Favorite Mittens, p. 184.
Hadelands Votter (mittens) a Hidden Rib. Possibly the thickest, most unusual, traditional Norwegian mitten ever. — Ultimate Mittens, p. 118.
Hearty Alternative Stuffed Mittens. Knitters in New Brunswick misread my directions and produced these darling hearts on Newfoundland Stuffed Mittens. Ultimate Mittens, p. 38.
Ice Harbor Compass mittens, Tradition has it that Compass Mittens will bring you home safe. — free pattern. First published in Piecework. Also find it at See also Ice Harbor Mittens, forthe old tale behind the mitten.
Labrador Diamonds mittens — Favorite Mittens, p. 156. Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p.91.
Lithuanian Ribby Knit mittens. My Danish mother-in-law spotted this as a Lithuanian mitten, although the original came from Cape Breton.  — Ultimate Mittens, p. 31.
Maplewood, or Northern Star mittens, taken from a Nova Scotian sock pattern, the color pattern may be based on the Rob-Peter-to-Pay-Paul patchwork pattern. Favorite Mittens, p. 126; Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 59
North Star mittens, a gorgeous Selby star Norwegian mitten, knitted in equally gorgeous Norwegian Raumagarn 3-ply Strikkegarn. — Knit Mittens, p. 114.
Norwegian Twined Knitted Mittens. Twined knitting these with the purl-side-out gives them extra grip and durability to these Norwegian loggers’ mittens. Ultimate Mittens, p. 136.
Partridge Feet mittens.  
Pine Needles mittens, the ultimate fusion mitten: a Faroese pattern of slants applied to a Maine fishermans mitten  and named after a Wabanaki women's dance. — Ultimate Mittens, p. 79.
Sawtooth Mittens and Cap — Favorite Mittens, p. 100. Fox & Geese & Fences, p. 51.
Secret Fleece Mittens. With the fleece stuffing hidden from sight by the knit-in technique, these Newfoundland mittens are like cozy pillows for your hands. Ultimate Mittens, p. 44.
Shagged Loggers Mittens, Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 23.
Shepherd's Plaid gloves, Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 85.
Shetland Ladders mittens,   — Ultimate Mittens, p. 91.
Shining Star mittens from St. Anthony’s, Newfoundland, from the folk medium but taken from a Norwegian mitten book popular in mid-20th century.  Flying Geese & Partridge Feet, p. 102.
Stripes (or Striped Mittens) Rooted in central Maine and off-shore Sweden, a strikingly smart and durable mitten. —Favorite Mittens, p. 87. Ultimate Mittens, p. 105. Also, Striped Mittens and Cap, Fox & Geese & Fences, p. 42. 
Uncle Chubbs stuffed mittens. Used with permission from Peace Fleece in western Maine, Uncle Chubbs uses fleece stuffing to create a color pattern — Ultimate Mittens, p. 49.
Windblock Mittens were developed by Sarah Miller in central Maine, based on Newfoundland stuffed mittens — Ultimate Mittens, p. 54.

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